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Heads Up -- DD will NOT be at FedCon

His appearance announcement has been updated to note that he has canceled due to work commitments. :(

But perhaps this means a new play or that he'll be filming something instead.


Daniel Davis at Fedcon 24

Just a heads up to our German and European members. Daniel's been added to the Fedcon convention's guest list. Apparently this will be his first ever European convention appearance. It takes place in Düsseldorf on May 21-24. :)


Christmas Calendar

Hiya :)
just posting this here too for good measure:

Those of you who’ve been around a while will know that I usually make a post at this time of year about the Christmas Calendar on my LL fansite. So again, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing another one this year. The rules are the same as always: Niles/C.C. pairing, Christmas or winter setting, can be fanfics, fanvideos, fanart in general, puzzles etc. Anything that you'd like to contribute will be welcome. At the moment we're still looking to fill 4 slots so if anyone would like to contribute more than one piece that would be super awesome.
Because arranging this stuff usually takes a bit of time I’m gonna have to put up a deadline again. If those of you interested in contributing could message me by the 15th November that’d be great. Just let me know that you’re in and how many pieces you’d like to do and which dates you want to reserve for your contribution.

If you have any questions as well just shoot me a message :)

Here's the list so far:

1st December Me
2nd December Iluvonelife
3rd December AlltheSnakes
4th December dontyouauntkathyme
5th December
6th December
7th December Justciles4life
8th December
9th December Me
10th December dontcallmefred
11th December negs
12th December
13th December dontyouauntkathyme
14th December wildelangtry
15th December
16th December gazeawhile
17th December dontcallmefred
18th December AllTheSnakes
19th December iluvonelife
20th December Justciles4life
21st December searider
22nd December RainbowPockets
23rd December Kate
24th December searider


I come bringing four icons! One is Niles/CC, one is daniel/lauren, & two are lauren from the show hunter!



Just wanted to let you all know that LJ's overzealous spam filtering system has been marking some replies that include links as suspicious, even when that reply is from a member of our community (I've tried to find a way to making it so members won't be filtered in any way, but if there's some ticky box that needs checking off to make that happen, I've yet to find it). Basically, if you include a link your reply and it isn't on listed on the community's whitelist of domains, LJ marks it and I won't necessarily see it unless I comb through each post to look for them (there also doesn't seem to be a way for mods to be notified when LJ thinks its found spam *sigh*).

While I do try to look over the most recent posts to try to catch these, I don't always get to do this as frequently as I'd like, so I might not see these right away and may miss them altogether on older posts. I'm going to edit our comm's whitelist to include as many Nanny, LL, and DD centric domains as I can think up to help prevent this from happening as often, but it obviously won't be foolproof when interviews and such pop up on lesser known sites.

If you do notice comments being marked as suspicious, feel free to contact me through LJ's PM system, by email (my gmail.com handle is sharigna), or on Twitter (@seariderfalcon -- probably the best and quickest method for getting my attention if you have an account). I'll try to fix any issues as soon as possible.


Daniel stars in play "Love Letters"

Looks like Daniel will star in a two-charater-play called "Love Letters" by A. R. Gurney. I think "Black Tie" was from the same author, wasn't it? Danny will play alongside Michael Learned who was a star of "The Waltons".

The play will open tomorrow in Wilmington, Delaware.

It occurred to me that the previously mentioned Trek convention was last weekend, so I went on a Google prowl for some pictures and came across these two. Apparently, he did sit on at least one panel. I'll try to see if I can dig up any info about what was discussed during that one.


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Star Wars - read by Daniel

I don't want to overbureden you with new Danny stuff but this is something really amazing! Curious what would come up when you google "Daniel Davis + Star Trek" I tried it and found something: Apparently Daniel is the narrator of the audiobook " Darth Plagueis: Star Wars" which was published in 2012! And nobody of us noticed (or did somebody?)...Of course this is illegal but the whole audiobook is available on youtube. Here is the link to the first part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yA_UAy4Mi38

He is so good as the narrator! Well, of course he is. Now we can finally listen to a bedtime story read by Daniel :)

New interview with Daniel Davis!

Hello hello :) my searches for new Daniel related stuff has become very irregular but sometimes I do it and stumble across something great - like this time :D Like seariderfalcon posted earlier DD is gonna be at the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas in the end of July. Now the Star Trek page has posted a new interview with Daniel which is both about his role as Moriarty and about his other work, what he is doing now and so on.
We rarely see anything new of Daniel and it's so exciting to read that interview!

I somehow never managed to post this here. Mill Creek Entertainment has a deal with Sony now to re-release seasons 1-3 of The Nanny. They haven't yet obtained the rights to 4-6 (*sigh*), but hopefully the re-released sets will sell well enough to prove there's interest in the rest of the series and encourage them to release second half of our show.

Seasons 1 & 2 have a suggested retail price of $9.98 each and there will also be a combo pack of the two seasons for $14.98 (and look who made that set!). They will be available on August 5



Professor James Moriarty in popular Next Generation episodes Ship in a Bottle and Elementary, Dear Data, Daniel is best known for his role as Niles on 147 episodes of The Nanny as well as countless other TV appearances. Daniel will have a table in the vendors room to meet fans and offer his autograph directly.
Days to be announced.


Imma be over here sniffling that this isn't the 2015 convention, because I'm tentatively planning to go next year...oh, well. On the bright side, I don't know that he's done a Trek convention in many years, so maybe he'll consider doing more occasionally?

New Daniel pics :)

Hello people, I just saw that there are new photos of DD online.
First of all he has some new IMDB pictures which I find awesome. Check them out: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0204425/?ref_=nmmd_md_nm

And also there was a new Shaw reading which Daniel attended. You can find some great photos on broadwayworld.com: http://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Photo-Coverage-Inside-Project-Shaws-THE-PORTRAIT-OF-MR-W-H-Reading-20140415#.U1eh1ldfZzY

Enjoy :D

Daniel Davis - Conservatory

Hello hello,
looks like Daniel gives a Shakespeare Workshop at this acting Studio and Conservatory: http://www.tomtodoroff.com/conservatory/faculty.php

DD nazi

I found these pictures of DD who plays
the Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

I fail at Tumblr; can we discuss these here??? Everybody should do this because it's fun! And we can discuss!

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LL's New Play

It has just recently been announced that Lauren Lane is going to playing in the new play "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike" at the ZACH THEATRE May 28 - June 22. The tony award winning play is a comedy inspired by Chekhov's timeless characters from such works as "Uncle Vanya" and "Seagull". It also stars Beth Brodrick, aka one of the aunts from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. You can found out more details from the link provided below.


Its out, folks! Lauren Lane is back in Texas!

2013 Niles/CC Advent Calendar

Hey everyone!

Thought I would make an announcement/reminder about the annual 2013 Niles/CC Advent Calendar going on right now!

If you're not familiar with the calendar, its a countdown started by our community member niles_witch, with a Niles/CC inspired treat everyday until Christmas, starting December 1st and ending on the 25th. These treats can vary from fanficlets, videos, puzzles, wallpapers, and more made by various Niles/CC and Nanny fans.

You can check it out here:


Hope you Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!

Archived Nanny Site

Hey everyone!

I have managed to stumble upon a whole TREASURE TROVE of Nanny pics! Its an archived site dating back from 2000, The Nanny's Fab Four Page if you have ever heard of it. Have fun at it, as it might take you awhile to sort through it all.


Oh and a small tip, if you click a link and directs you to an error message and then a link at the bottom of it, click the link it provides. It will take you right to the article/picture etc. Enjoy!


It appears that many if not all of the old geocities sites were archived the same way as The Nanny's Fab Four site was. Apparently, what I have read is that if you know an old geocities site name all you have to do is enter it like this:

oocities.org/ (ENTER SITE NAME HERE)

I wanted to forward this information to you all in case you have some knowledge about other Nanny geocity sites besides TNFF and want to see if the webarchives page has archived it.

There is also a site called archives.org/, which provides you access to an Internet Archives called "Wayback Machine" which locates old websites. You will need to know the exact URL of the site in order to search through this engine.


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