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Cluck Like a Chicken...

...it turns me on

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C.C./Niles Fans

Welcome to mybabybymyside, a community for fans of the unholy alliance between C.C. Babcock and Niles the Butler. Any fanfic, icon, fanart, or topic relating to the relationship and interactions between C.C. and Niles is welcome here.

Please take some time to look over the general guidelines for this community before posting.

1. Fanworks do not necessarily have to revolve around a romantic/sexual relationship between C.C. and Niles. So long as there is significant interaction between the two characters, it will be welcomed here.

2. You're also welcome to post information pertaining to Lauren Lane and Daniel Davis. Interviews, press releases, photos, and reports about seeing them perform are fine. Material that would be considered a breach of their privacy is absolutely not okay (failure to respect this rule in particular may result in a ban). Just exercise good judgment in what you post.

3. When posting long entries, images larger wider than 450 pixels, or anything NSFW, please use an LJ cut. Teasers for icon posts are fine, but no more than 4 icons outside an LJ cut.

4. No flaming or personal attacks.